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Room hire

Centre Céramique is the ideal location for an effective meeting, lecture or seminar. Our multi-functional building houses a number of spaces that you can hire. Whether it be a small gathering or a large presentation, our rooms have the capacity for 10-90 people. There is free WiFi throughout the whole building and various additional technical equipment or practical resources can be organised. We can also offer catering from the basic casual offering through to formal events.

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Pierre Kemp lecture hall

The “Pierre Kempzaal” is a presentation room for a group of up to 90 people located on the sixth floor of the Centre Céramique building. The room is equipped with extensive facilities such as a PC, projector, large screen, sound system, microphones, wireless mouse and pointer. All this can be controlled from the control panel on the lectern, and all included in the room rate. In addition, there is a fabulous view of the Maastricht skyline towards the east of the city from the reception area next to the Pierre Kempzaal.


Our boardroom is located on the sixth floor of the Centre Céramique building, with one whole side of the boardroom in glass having a unique eastward view over Maastricht. The room can fit up to 14 people and as standard is equipped with a whiteboard and flipchart easel with paper and markers provided.

Fons Olterdissen rooms

The Fons Olterdissen rooms are located in the lower ground level of Centre Céramique. With open spaces and windows running along with southern wall of the building, there is always light in this area, despite it being lower ground. These rooms can be opened up with a flexible wall to create one large presentation space, or kept as two separate areas that can be used as meeting room, presentation areas or classrooms. Each room can hold up to 10 people in a meeting setting, combined they can hold up to 18 people. If you opt for the area as a presentation space, the Fons Olterdissenzaal can hold up to 40 people with a whiteboard and flipchart easel with paper and markers provided as standard.


Located on the fourth floor of Centre Céramique, with views to the north over Plein1992 our classroom is the ideal space for classes, training or seminar spaces. All 15 workstations in the classroom have their own PC, and the instructor’s PC is connected to the projector, which can be used in combination with the large screen / whiteboard.

Marie Koenen room

This interactive space is ideally suited to children’s activities. Located in the Children’s section of Maastricht City Library, the Marie Koenenzaal has glass walls for transparency when required, and also a surrounding curtain if more relaxed activities such as baby massage are to take place. The room can be set up with tables and stools for colouring, learning or discussions, or with blocks and a plush chair for holding story or rhyme time sessions. You are encouraged to bring your own craft materials and a flipchart easel with paper and markers can be provided if requested. There is also a children’s sized toilet off the main space that small children can make use of under adult supervision or older children on their own in privacy.


The Stadshal is a large exhibition space on the ground floor in the forecourt of the library. It can be used for a multitude of purposes; exhibitions, presentations, events. This is also a public space and this must be taken into consideration when requesting usage. For further information and pricing please contact our customer service team.

Price overview

Area Use   Capacity Hourly rate*
Pierre Kempzaal  Theater 90 € 70.00
Boardroom Meeting 17 € 37.00
Fons Olterdissenzaal A Meeting 10 € 18.50
Fons Olterdissenzaal B Meeting 10 € 18.50
Fons Olterdissenzaal Combi A+B    Meeting 18 € 37.00
Classroom Lesson 15 € 70.00
Marie Koenenzaal Storytime 40 € 18.50
Stadshal In consultation  200   Daily € 550.00
Balcony In consultation  75 € 37.50
Entresol In consultation  75 € 37.00
Restaurant In consultation  75 € 37.00


Administration costs for events    Hourly rate*
Administration costs € 45.00


Personnel costs Hourly rate*
Customer service / reception € 45.00
Technical support € 45.00
Security € 35.00


Cleaning Rate per booking
Meeting rooms and other areas € 45.00
Stadshal € 150.00


Equipment Rate per booking
Laptop € 25.00
Projector € 25.00
Extra screen € 25.00
Piano and piano player €100.00
Sound equipment €100.00
Standing table with cover         €7.50
Other equipment can be arranged upon request.

Minimum rental period is two hours, if you require an area for a shorter period, you will be charged two hours.
Room hire outside regular opening hours and in weekends is only available upon approval.
Additional charges may be incurred depending on the nature and timing of the event, for example extra costs for reception workers, security, technical support or cleaning costs.
All bookings are subject to the terms and conditions of the Uniforme Voorwaarden Horeca. These can be viewed or downloaded (in Dutch) as pdf here.

More information or an estimate?

Please complete the request form. Our customer service team will then contact you to inform you of the availability and pricing. You are welcome to make an appointment to view our selection of room, please contact one of our customer service team members on +31 (0) 43 350 56 00.

For Gemeente Maastricht employees: reservations can’t be made using the request form. Please contact the customer service team at klantenservice@maastricht.nl or on +31 (0)43 350 56 00.

Request form




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